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£10 Microchipping service!! BARGIN!

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£10 Microchipping service!! BARGIN! Empty £10 Microchipping service!! BARGIN!

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:08 am

B.A.R.C are now offering a microchipping service for £10!!

Microchipping is the most reliable way of finding your pet if it is lost or stolen.

How it works
The quick and painless procedure places a small chip, the size of a grain of rice, underneath the animal’s skin.
The owner’s details and a special code are stored on the chip and can be revealed by a special scanner which is routinely used by us here at B.A.R.C, dog wardens,RSPCA and vets.
The code links to the PetLog database that contains the necessary contact information to ensure a fast and foolproof way of tracing an owner. This means that should a cat or dog go missing, their owners can be identified quickly and easily.

Microchipping your pet provides the ultimate assurance that should your pet go missing it can be easily traced.

Even the most pampered pets can stray too far from home and get lost or stolen but a microchip permanently links the pet and the owner to help ensure a happy reunion should the worst happen.

Almost any animal can be microchipped but it is most commonly used on dogs, cats and horses. Around half a million animals have been microchipped in the last five years alone.

Microchipping your pet
You can come to the kennels anytime between 10am & 4pm for your dog or cat microchipping.

For more details call us on 07534982314 any day between 10am & 4pm.


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