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Computers Needed Empty Computers Needed

Post by Sean Benson on Wed Jan 27, 2010 3:38 am

Here at BARC we are always trying to work more cohesively and efficiently, yet it is 2010 and we still have no email system!

There is of course one very simple reason for that.......cost!

As you will know the cost of an average computer can vary wildly but even at the cheapest end of the spectrum we cannot afford to buy six to link our shops, kennels and wildlife sections together.

Can you help? Have you got an old computer gathering dust in the attic. Have you got a new computer for Christmas and are thinking of throwing your old one away? If so would you please consider donating it to us??

It neednt be anything 'flash', as long as it can access the web and email, that will be more than sufficient.

Please ring us on 08455 203020 or email:

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Sean Benson
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