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Sid the collared Dove

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Sid the collared Dove Empty Sid the collared Dove

Post by Westhall7 on Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:38 am

We took Sid the collared dove into our care 3 years ago when his elderly lady owner died. She had hand reared him from a baby and could not bear to part with him, and he was 5 years old when we took him in. We got him through a referal from Alan Beatty at Beech House Vets. Sid arrived with the elderly lady's daughters who have visited him from time to time, and also arrived with his own Teddy bear which he bossed about in the aviary and guarded very jealously. He was exceptionally tame and a real character. Sometimes when you went in the Aviary he would land on your head and start tapping the top of your head to boss you around.

He has enjoyed the freedom of an aviary after being kept in a cage for 5 years in a house, and has been able to sit in the open part of the aviary with the other birds and enjoy and sun and have a lovely shower when it rained, and at night he has gone indoors into the heated area with the others and snuggled up to go to sleep with his buddies (budgies & cockatiels etc).

Sadly today I have had to have Sid put to sleep at Beech House Vets as he was dying from old age. When I took him down to Beech House our vet Alan Beatty would not charge us for putting Sid to sleep which is much appreciated. Sid has now had a proper burial and is fast asleep under the lawn at the side of the aviary and a daffodil bulb marks his resting place. Night night Sid I am sure you will be with your old Mum now. Sad Sad

Love Kath and Malc xxxxxx

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