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Post by Westhall7 on Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:47 am

Hello everyone - no need to tell you all what the weather is like you only have to look out of your windows, so spare a thought please for the wild creatures that live out there. Please feed your wild birds regularly, remember that they use up a lot of energy coming to your bird table each day, and make sure they have lots of fresh water. This needs checking on regularly at the moment as it is freezing up very quickly. Beware the net bags with nuts in or fat balls in they are lethal to small birds like bluetits. If you have already bought some take the products out of them as they are made from Netlon and this entangles with the nails on their feet and literally snares them, obviously they then become exhausted as they cannot get away. Only use proper metal feeders or use seed and nuts on your bird table that is far better. Also hedgehogs can get tangled up in netlon and nets (football) that are left out in your gardens.

Most of all enjoy your wildlife, sit and watch the rewards of feeding them and count how many different birds you can see, this keeps the kids happy too.

Kath Very Happy

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