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Pets in the Heat Wave

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Pets in the Heat Wave Empty Pets in the Heat Wave

Post by Warley on Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:57 am

Well it looks like the summer has finally arrived but lets not forget about our pets in this heat. If pets are exposed to too much sun it can cause heatstroke and delicate areas such as the nose or ears can become sunburnt.

A couple of tips to help your pets stay cool are:

1.Never leave pets in cars, not even for just a few minutes with windows open as temperatures can soar dangerously high, causing potentially fatal heat-stroke.

2.Donít let pets sit out in strong sun, or leave hutches and birdcages in direct sunlight.

3.Use a suitable pet-safe sunscreen as advised by your vet.

4.Long-haired pets may need their fur trimming to prevent them from over-heating.

5.Walk your dog before 8am and after 5pm and only when outside temperatures have cooled as hot road surfaces, pavements and sand can burn a petís feet.

6.Make sure pets have access to plenty of clean, fresh water at all times that is changed regularly throughout the day.

7.Make sure you regularly treat your pets and home for fleas as they are a particular problem during the summer, particularly in hot weather.

8.Leftover pet food can quickly go off in hot weather so discard any scraps as soon as possible to avoid flies.

Also heatstroke is a big problem Ė especially for Staffies and dogs with Ďflatí noses. When I worked at the vets we used to get approximately 1 Staffie in each day with heatstroke.

Signs of heatstroke start with panting and anxiety. The gums become dark and the pets heart rate and temperature increase. Treatment for heatstroke involves cooling the pet down to a normal temperature as quickly as possible using water. Seek vet treatment as soon as possible as it can be fatal if the petís temperature is not brought under control.

Finally don't over exercise your pet when its hot & humid - simply just chill out sunny
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